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I'll say it again... Crying is as natural as laughter. That’s what my mother in love told me some years ago. And it brought me such freedom to hear those words. Why? Because sometimes we stuff our emotions so deep inside of us that it hurts to keep them buried. We cause ourselves more pain and discomfort simply by hiding and holding back our tears.

Tears are a release and crying is an expressive act that shouldn’t be suppressed.

For me, it’s physically painful to fight back my tears .. I mean my throat starts hurting because I’m swallowing back those tears, I have to fan my face and try not to blink -  I exert so much more energy and it’s exhausting!!

In moments of pain, we don’t have to make ourselves cry, it just comes natural right? Your body is physically & emotionally responding to what’s happened to you.

When something hurts us, it’s natural to cry. When something is funny, it’s natural to laugh.

Crying and laughter are our body’s natural response to an event.

I remember wanting to hold back my tears in the presence of others. I recall one time someone even telling me not to cry and to be strong, when they saw my eyes tear up as they spoke. This further enforced my “don’t cry” response.

When I would feel overwhelmed at church, I would suck up my tears. When someone would ask how I was doing, and I didn’t want to fall apart, I would push back those tears. I was keeping myself from feeling, expressing and releasing!  If crying was a sign of weakness, then I don’t want any part of it. Right? Wrong

There is no strength without Christ, and because of Him I have access to strength. The word says, that in my weakness, His strength is made perfect. This gives me permission to be weak, fall apart and cry! He’s got me covered, He cares and He strengthens me.

Crying is as natural as laughter, so release it!


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