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Hope for the Holidays

Let me help you find ways to get through the holidays with some hope, encouragement, guidance and support

My name is Serena Johnson and welcome to Robin's Cove Counseling Services. We are going to take this journey through the holidays together. For those of us who have suffered a loss, holidays just don't feel the same. I recognize that the next few weeks may feel like a breeze to some, while others may feel like the holiday festivities come with stress and sorrow. None of us grieve the same, and each day is different. I want to help give you a roadmap to help you navigate through the holiday season. 

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You Can Do This!

May you not find yourself robbed of joy or peace just because you have suffered a loss. Even in grief it is possible to find moments to pause, reflect and insert love & happiness.

I created this FREE holiday journal because I wanted to be a blessing to those who need it. I too, have to walk through the holidays bereaved and my first few holidays without my mom were extremely hard. My first Thanksgiving and Christmas was mentally exhausting as I tried to find a way to keep old traditions, and make new ones without crashing and burning. I wasn't that successful because I didn't have a road map. I fumbled my way through celebrations with foggy brain, emotional roller coasters and a desire for normalcy. I wish I had a guide with suggestions and help in normalizing my feelings.  That's why I decided I would create one for you:) In this holiday journal, you will find that I've created moments for you to embrace the journey at your own pace and your own way. Please feel free to download this PDF which contains encouragement, tips and a calendar. There is hope for the holidays. Take baby steps to get there... and celebrate every win!

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