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The Grief Support program, Hope & Healing, is designed to address grief needs due to loss. Hope & Healing will offer a quality of support and connection that comes from being with people who have also experienced a loss. The goal of the 6 week program is to help my clients identify their needs, provide emotional support as well as empower them to be resilient in life. Topics Include: Facing your Grief & Understanding your Emotions, Processing your Pain, Adjusting to Life after Loss, Redefining Your Purpose, and Moving Forward while Rein-Investing Into Your Life Again. 

The class will close at 15 participants to maintain intimacy & efficacy of support.

REGISTRATION OPEN! Class begins Thursdays October 19, 2023.

What service(s) are you booking for?

Thank you for your request to book! Payment due upon registration. Be sure to save us at a contact in your email, as this will be the primary avenue of communication.

Someone will follow-up with you shortly! 

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