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It takes a strong person to realize how weak they are. That statement was one that the Lord revealed to me when I realized that I could not handle grief on my own. That is not just having strength, but having wisdom. Sometimes it’s the “strong ones” that struggle the most to be honest, because we find it hard to make ourselves vulnerable enough to 1)feel the pain and/or 2)share with others that we are struggling. I say WE because I was in this same boat too. Jonathan McReynolds wrote a song entitled, Overrated, and when I heard this song all I could do was cry. The song was speaking to my constant struggle in the beginning of my grief journey.

Strong is overrated, so for once I’ll just lean on You and I’ll let You do what You do.

Strong is overrated, You show up like I wish I could. Maybe weakness is for my good.

The ultimate meaning of those lines finds it profound weight in scripture 2Cor 12:9. Paul states “So now I am glad to boast about my weakness, so that the power of Christ can work through me. This was in response to the scripture before it, in which Jesus states “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness”. Man! If we only understood the access we have to strength when we yield our weakness to God. He takes our weakness and exchanges it with His strength. What a beautiful trade off. I tell people this all the time, it’s OK to need help support and prayers. You just experienced a

trauma that may have been unexpected… so not only are you trying to catch your breath, but you’re trying to process what happened. Don’t take the lonely road of struggling by yourself. Life can be hard enough! Recognize the areas of struggle in your grief and get the support you need.

1) When people ask you what you need, let them know you could use a prayer or a hug or a listening ear. It’s OK to need support. 2) Look for helpful resources on grief that will guide you on how to grieve in a healthy way 3) Go to counseling if you feel stuck and need extra support.

Ultimately remember this, God is the only one who can handle the depth of pain and sorrow. So instead of running from Him, run to Him.

It’s not easy or desirable to walk this out, but it’s possible to heal and live through loss in a healthy way. Be kind to your grieving hearts

~ Grief isn’t easy, but hope and healing are possible


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