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I choose to still honor my mother on Mother’s Day even in her absence.

To all of those who are without mothers on Mother’s Day, big hugs to you! This is my 4th Mother’s Day without my mom and it’s still hard for me. I never thought that I would have to live without my mom. That sound strange? I mean I know mothers don’t live forever, but I guess in my mind I imagined my mother would live to be an old woman. Even as an old woman I envisioned that she’d still be strong, why? Because she’s my mom! Moms are made for keeping.

Through the years I’ve learned to manage Mother’s Day in a way that makes it survivable for me. Days leading up to Mother’s Day is emotional and I just lean into every emotion, because avoiding them seems to break me down even faster. I take out pictures of my mom, read letters she’s written and I watch videos of her…anything that can keep her memory fresh in my mind. Memories of my mother are all that I have of her.

I choose to still honor my mother on Mother’s Day even in her absence. Who she was - will forever be. Her strength, beauty, wisdom and value will forever be of impact in my life, now and in the future. All that I have of her are memories, but I can keep her memory alive by living out my life in a way that honors her. My mother loved God & her family, she loved cooking, she loved vacations, she loved playing games and having a good time. Those are simple ways I can continue to live out her legacy not just on Mother’s Day, but each and every day. The painful reality is that I will never see her again (on Earth that is).

The pictures that I have of her are from a past date &time, but they are still a treasure.

Your day might begin and end with tears… mine still does. Even in my tears I remember who she was and always will be to me. No one and nothing can ever take away the value she adds to my life. This Mothers Day I choose not to solely focus on what was lost, but what I will forever have because of her. I’ll never be able to forget her … why? Because moms are made for keeping.


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