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Serena Johnson

Hello and welcome to Robin’s Cove Counseling Services. My name is Serena Johnson and I am a Certified Grief Counselor GC-C. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Eastern University.

My desire is to see my clients find hope and healing in their grief journey, just as I have.

I, under Robin's Cove, consult with children, adults and families seeking grief support, as well as facilitate group counseling services. I currently coordinate and facilitate Griefshare Support Groups for my local church, Deeper Fellowship Church in Orlando, Florida. Within this role I educate, support and help members of the program navigate through their grief in a 13 week course.


In addition, I personally have created a 6-week Grief Support called Hope & Healing which is designed to address grief needs due to loss. Hope & Healing has been instrumental in helping my clients face and process their grief, learn coping skills, find encouragement and regain strength in order to be able to reinvest in their lives again. This process is done within a community of others who know what it's like to experience a loss. I am a beneficiary of supports groups as they helped me find tremendous support, relief and encouragement in my own grief journey. 

I, too, have had to walk through the hard mountains and valleys of grief. My amazing mother died unexpectedly in September of 2019, and I was there to watch her take her last breath. It was the worst day of my life and I found myself heart broken, disappointed with God, angry and filled with pain. I had a choice to make, choose life or choose to live out the rest of my days in pain & sorrow. I have a healed heart today and it didn't happen over night. I chose life but that meant acknowledging and processing my pain, dealing with my grief, learning to live  life without my mom, and finding ways to honor her while re-investing in my life again. It wasn't easy, but I am a witness that healing is possible. In honor of my mother, I named my business after her.. Robin :)



In my spare time I enjoy taking beautiful Florida beach days, drinking herbal teas and going to Disney with my husband and sons. I enjoy traveling with my family and discovering new adventures as I homeschool my four sons.


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